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DDL iTruck Log Auditing

Program Updates & 30 Day Trial Downloads :

  1. Drivers Daily Log Software Download - Driver Version
    **Not ELD Qualified
  2. DDL iTruck Log Auditing Software Download - Motor Carrier Version
  3. DDL iTruck Log Auditing Software Download - Enforcement Version
  4. DDL Driver Signature - Download

Training Manual Downloads :

  1. DDL iTruck Network Installation Instructions - Download
  2. DDL iTruck Training Manual – Motor Carrier Version
  3. DDL iTruck Training Manual – Enforcement Version

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Our Commitment

The industries we serve are unique businesses, requiring high revenue volumes to obtain a positive bottom line. A full business review to determine the key performance indicators (KPI´s) important to your company helps us to configure and train the software to meet your specific objectives. Our software is highly flexible and our services are comprehensive in addressing operational, financial and automation controls.

Since our company´s inception, our customers and the world have seen immense changes. There has never been a time when daily business volume has been handled by so few people. It continues to be every company´s challenge to provide more and better services with fewer staff members. We welcome the opportunity to serve you. Contact us today for more information on our products and services.

Petron Inc

When you combine Transport Data Systems’ expert training and product support with Insight’s capabilities and flexibility, the sky is the limit

- M. Felsher, CFO

Schwend Inc

The efficient and knowledgeable staff at Transport Data Systems have assisted us in using our software to a higher level. Whether on-site or on-line, their team has helped us achieve our goals since 2001. They are a well-run, top-notch company we would highly recommend to anyone.

- J. Schwend, President

Cliff Viessman Inc

Transport Data’s knowledge of the trucking industry and solid accounting background have been a winning combination for our companies since 1991.

- D.Vogt, Director of Special Projects