About Us
Our Mission -
To serve our industries with honesty and integrity, with commitment to excellence in product and service, for the continued advancement of those we serve.
Our Company -
Transport Data Systems, Inc. is a full-service company. Located at 126 Main Avenue, Suite 4, Brookings, SD, we sell, install, train and support all of the software products we represent. On-line demonstrations and hands-on training give our users a comprehensive view of our software's capabilities. On-site analysis and personalized training services ensure our customer’s success. Our goal is to serve you for a life time.
Our Commitment -
The industries we serve are unique businesses, requiring high revenue volumes to obtain a positive bottom line. A full business review to determine the key performance indicators (KPI’s) important to your company helps us to configure and train the software to meet your specific objectives. Our software is highly flexible and our services are comprehensive in addressing operational, financial and automation controls.

Since our company’s inception, our customers and the world have seen immense changes. There has never been a time when daily business volume has been handled by so few people. It continues to be every company’s challenge to provide more and better services with fewer staff members. We welcome the opportunity to serve you. Contact us today for more information on our products and services.

Our History -
Transport Data Systems, Inc. was founded in 1987 in Brookings, South Dakota, by Dennis and Dotty Lucas. Serving the trucking industry has always been the primary focus of our company. We got our start over 25 years ago when the need for transportation software was great and options were few. Those associated with the trucking industry know, without trucks America stops.

Transportation impacts every industry, business and person. As our company grew so did the number of industries our products could serve. Today we provide solutions for the following industries: Transportation, Logistics & Brokerage, Construction & Reclamation as well as the vast expansiveness of the Renewable Energy market.

Transport Data Systems – Today’s Solutions, Tomorrow’s Technology
First Line Staff Members
It takes a wealth of programming, secondary support and administrative staff members to make our company successful. The talent and uniqueness of each individual who participates in our company adds to its success. Included below is a short list of the First Line Staff Members you’re likely to encounter when working with us.
Dotty Lucas
Dotty’s background of growing up in a trucking family gave her good insight into the varied paperwork requirements and monumental volumes of data trucking companies handle. In order to design, service and support effective systems, it’s critical to understand the data that ‘drives the company’. Dotty has dedicated her entire professional career to the pursuit of software solutions that resolve the unique needs of the industries we serve.

Dotty’s primary function in the company, besides being the company’s President, is to address new customer and industry requirements, thus improving the products and services we offer. Dotty is a leading trainer and works directly with the programming staff to further product development. When asked what Dotty enjoys most about her job she says “seeing the transformation that takes place within each company and their staff members when you streamline tasks and make their jobs easier.”

Contact Dotty: dotty@transportdatasystemsinc.com
Dennis Lucas
No company can function effectively, however, if it can't ‘get the word out’. Dennis Lucas, besides being Vice President, is the sales and marketing manager of Transport Data Systems. Dennis works hard to create new opportunities for our company and keeps our visibility up at the various industry associations we support.

Dennis is also the primary contact for the Driver’s Daily Log and DDL iTruck Log Auditing Software programs. Dennis works diligently with DDL programmer, Fritz Bjorklund, as well as state and federal regulatory and enforcement agencies regarding the hours-of-service regulations and its impact on the trucking industry. Annual appearances at the national CVSA conference helps Dennis to keep in touch with both the carrier and enforcement perspectives regarding hours-of-service issues.

Contact Dennis: dennis@transportdatasystemsinc.com
Dorothy Behne
Dorothy brings with her a wealth of transportation experience. She has been involved in transportation for over 40 years, working in all areas of the business, from dispatching to accounting -- even holding wrenches in the middle of the night so a truck could leave in the morning.

Dorothy has a wonderful way with people and enjoys being the senior support person on our team. When asked what she likes most about her job she replies “I enjoy helping customers to use the programs to their highest potential; showing them how to do the entries correctly, but also helping them with quick keys and shortcut features to help improve their performance.” Dorothy finds her work rewarding and says “the customers we have are wonderful to work with and make me feel like I am an important person to them and their software needs”.

Contact Dorothy: dorothy@transportdatasystemsinc.com
Janet Deibert
Janet heads up the first line staff taking on the ‘technical challenges’ presented to our support department. Her Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from South Dakota State University, along with 17 years of experience working for the State of South Dakota, are just a start to the many qualifications Janet brings to her position.

Janet’s programmer/analyst approach to each new challenge ensures a thorough review of the issue and a list of possible solutions, whether the request is a simple report form change or a request for complex SQL scripting to analyze and update records. Janet particularly enjoys helping customers utilize software to improve their businesses. When customers ask how to get more out of their software Janet’s automatic response is ‘tell me what you need and let’s see what we can do!’

Contact Janet: janet@transportdatasystemsinc.com
Gayla Wars-White
Gayla brings knowledge from a family trucking business as well as nearly 30 years of additional business experience to her position in our support department. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas. Her accounting background and professional experience provide a wealth of resources to serve the needs of our customers.

Gayla is particularly talented in analyzing accounts to answer questions. She also provides phone and on-line training and is instrumental in updating our library of documentation as programs change. Gayla particularly enjoys attending to customer’s requests and has found that every day is new and exciting at Transport Data Systems. Gayla’s wish is to truly help everyone “Have a Great Day!”

Contact Gayla: gayla@transportdatasystemsinc.com
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