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  The industries we serve are unique businesses, requiring high revenue volumes to obtain a positive bottom line. Real-time dashboards of your operational, financial and statistical KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) are essential to effectively managing business in challenging economies.
Insight Integrated Solutions
The Insight Integrated Solution is a completely integrated system giving you the ultimate tools to grow your business. Entering data once and seeing the results of your efforts streamlined throughout your operations provides continuity within your data and improved business efficiencies. Be the most efficient in your industry and leap ahead of your competitors.
Document Management
Create, manage and store paper & electronic documents in your own digital library. Retrieve needed documents from within virtually any application by using a hotkey. Email, fax or print retrieved documents and create binders, bookshelf, add notes, attachments, append, modify and delete documents based on the security level of the user.
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Drivers Daily Log/DDL iTruck/
Fuel Tax
Drivers Daily Log is a complete log book program for the commercial vehicle driver.  Violations are noted in color with easy to read descriptions and FMCSA references.

DDL iTruck contains all of the log book features of the Drivers Daily Log Program, with the added requirements the log auditing clerk and Safety Departments need for managing and notifying drivers of hours of service violations.
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iTruck Fuel Tax is a comprehensive fuel tax reporting program, providing IFTA and State Mileage Tax Reports as well as per Truck charge back reports required for monthly, quarterly, annual and prorate filings.
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